What Investors Say...

Mark Suresh

"RHBScreener provides a definitive 'Unfair Advantage', be it either for the grizzled online trader, or the newbie befuddled with a maze of confusing trading choices. Personally, I find the alerts in the RHBScreener to be tremendously useful. This is because I do not have the luxury of time in monitoring the screen during the entire trading day. It is thus indispensable that I am notified whenever there are key technical movements." - Mark Suresh via the RHBInvest Yahoo Finance Group

Joe Hatz

Longtime Recognia user, Joe Hatz, shares why Recognia Investment Research is important to his daily routine:



Bill (Connecticut)

"I use the on-line broker ‘ChoiceTrade’ which now uses your Technical Insight™ software...just wanted to thank you for creating such great trading software...especially the ‘tight, medium & loose’ trailing stops...they are FANTASTIC !!! I've been trying to figure out for several years how to know when to enter or exit and your software is the best I have ever seen (trailing stops)....just wanted to send you a big ‘Thank You’!!!" - Bill (Connecticut)