Technical Insight™

Find, Validate and Time Trades

With Recognia Technical Insight™ your account-holders will get access to premium analytics from the global leaders in Technical and Quantitative analysis. Technical Insight combines technical analysis with fundamental strategies, providing all types of investors and traders with actionable trade ideas, idea validation and risk management.

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Increase Engagment and Stimulate Trade Activity

Recognia Technical Insight has been proven to increase engagement and stimulate trade activity. View the results of our client case studies to learn more:

With actionable trade ideas, and in context educational commentary, investors and traders are able to make better investment decisions and feel confident in their trades.

Appeals to Broad Set of Account-Holders

With the inclusion of fundamental analysis and backtesting, Technical Insight appeals to a broad set of users, from active
traders, to the mass affluent, to buy and hold investors.

Technical Insight

Differentiate with Optional Active Trader Enhancements

Elliott Wave – Catch the Wave

Technical Insight can offer Elliott Wave studies, providing very active traders with one more indicator to help validate trade decisions.  This unique capability combines broader price trends with specific technical events to make more effective trading decisions. Elliott wave analysis, generally considered a domain of market professionals, is now being presented in an easy to understand automated format for active self-directed investors.

Anticipated Events – Be in the Know

Developed for active traders who want advance knowledge of when instruments are poised to move, Recognia’s Anticipated Events pro-actively scans the market and identifies Technical Event opportunities in the process of forming. Make informed decisions about your investments as patterns are forming, instead of after the fact. Delivered as a white label extension to Technical Insight or as an XML data feed, these events are easy for the on-line broker to integrate into their existing active trader platforms and resources.

Read the Anticipated Events Product Brief.