Market Newsletter

Increase Trade Activity

Offer your account-holders unique trade ideas from emerging Technical Event opportunities by providing a daily newsletter to place current and topical opportunities directly in their inbox.  Recognia’s Market Newsletter is delivered through an e-newsletter format to recipients each evening so they can decide, in advance, which trade ideas are best suited for them.

Read the Market Newsletter Product Brief.

Used as Client Acquisition tool or a tool to boost trade activity Recognia Market Newsletter will engage your users and place rare actionable trade opportunities at their fingertips.

Read the case study to learn how a North American brokerage used the Market Newsletter to positively change account-holder trading behaviour.

Introduce the Benefits of Technical Analysis

Recognia Market Newsletter content is based upon emerging chart patterns identified by Recognia's proprietary algorithms. All Technical Event opportunities in the newsletter can be clicked through to a full in-depth analysis of that particular pattern and the implications, furthering the readers' knowledge and comfort using technical analysis.


ETF Market Newsletter- NEW!

Address the growth in ETF demand with our new Blackrock-sponsored ETF newsletter. The same great mobile friendly format with actionable etf trade ideas.

Read the ETF Market Newsletter Product Brief.