Intraday Trader™

Uncover Trading Opportunities throughout the Trading Day

Intraday Trader points active traders to well-suited trade-setups as they come into play, and keeps them continuously engaged by alerting them to live action analytics throughout the trading day. Based on technical analysis of intraday price charts, Intraday Trader helps bring traders closer to a buy/sell decision.

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Provides Intraday Monitoring and Surveillance

Your active traders can set up Intraday Trader to monitor their watch list, or a predefined universe of stocks such as volume leaders. Throughout the day as their chosen trade setups trigger, they will be notified and receive guided intelligence through chart annotations and detailed explanations of what is happening and why.

Boost Confidence through Education and Knowledge Transfer

Intraday Trader creates a guided, interpreted experience for investors. It suggests trade setups, context-sensitive tips on combining criteria, and approximations of how often a particular trade setup might trigger results. Live commentary explains the Intraday Event in detail: what elements are appearing on the chart and what it means. Intraday Trader supports the full round trip of a trade by providing possible targets and/or stops and allows the trader to track these through to a close.

Intraday Trader

More Than Just Ideas

Intraday Trader finds stocks that are poised to move based on pattern and technical analysis signals lining up as the trading day unfolds. We help traders pinpoint what elements they need to see on a chart to know it's a good trade opportunity, and tell them which stocks have all their "stars aligned".