Technical Checkpoint®


Recognia® Technical Checkpoint® Bloomberg Edition

How to make better decisions with technical analysis on the Bloomberg® terminal.

1. Tightly focus on your trading universe - the wealth of data on Bloomberg can be overwhelming unless you can screen out "noise" and focus on specific markets and instruments that matter to you. More…

2. Use automated event awareness to spot trends – on Bloomberg, you have access to powerful tools that can capture and alert you of critical technical patterns in your space as they are emerging. More…    

3. Validate your decisions. And repeat. Before you make the call, you need to manage your client's risk by double checking and comparing price trends to other market indicators – as quickly as possible. More…

Recognia Technical Checkpoint, Bloomberg Edition (RCOG) makes it easy for busy traders and analysts to add sophisticated Technical Analysis perspective to their daily decision-making routines on the Bloomberg terminal. Read the Technical Checkpoint product brief.

Subscribers receive:

  • Personal assistance to target your trading universe.
  • Custom Technical Event alerts as patterns form.
  • Sophisticated decision validation tools.
  • Easy subscription at RCOG for $249/month.

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